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Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Mint U.S. Stamps

Stamp collecting is a great hobby or pass time and there are many themes to the varied collections that have been put together over the years.  But where does the newcomer to stamp collecting start?  Well assembling a wide based collection with many themes that can then be individually added to is one way.  An […]

Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Mint og Stamps

How to Keep your Mint OG Stamps in Good Condition Like anything in perfect condition, mint OG stamps are worth more money.  That’s why you will want to keep them in the condition that they’re currently in.  Using some of the following tips will certainly help. When it comes to having a stamp collection, it’s […]

Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Stamp Collecting values

Needless to say, some stamps are more valuable than others.  Some people just want to collect any type of stamp that they can get.  Others are interested in getting their hands on the more valuable variety.  There are many different things that determine stamp collecting values.  This article will discuss some of the most important. […]

Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Stamp Valuation

Stamp valuation is important not only to dealers and auction houses, but to collectors as well.  If you don’t know anything about the value of your stamps, then you’ll have absolutely no idea exactly how much your collection is worth.  Here are a few things that you need to know about stamp valuation. Everything You […]

Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Stamp Collections For Sale

People spend years putting together their stamps collections.  For some reason, they may want to sell all or part of it in the future.  If you’re going to put stamp collections for sale, then it’s vital that you be careful.  You definitely don’t want to part ways with your precious stamps and not get enough […]

Most Valuable Stamps News and Reviews - Stamp Price Guide

If you make a hobby of collecting stamps, then it’s very important that you get your hands on a stamp price guide.  Whenever you’re trying to add to your collection or selling a few of your stamps, you don’t want to pay too much or get too little.  A stamp price guide will be very […]